Soria is a province of central Spain, in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Castil and Leon. Most of the province is in the mountainous Sistema Ibérico area.

It is bordered by the provinces of La Rioja, Zaragoza, Guadalajara,Segovia and Burgos . Soria is the least populous of all of Spain’s provinces, with a density of around 9 inhabitants/km²—one of the lowest in the European Union.


Map of Spain with Soria highlighted


The places we spend most of the time during our staying was of course ‘Chavaler‘ and ‘Espejo de Tera’. Football is very present in this places, even in our staying we could play table football witch was nice, to get active again after the siesta.

Between the two villages you have a nice route, what takes 50 minutes to walk from the one village to the other. It’s a little rough by car but it’s saver to ride on when it’s slippery on the road during the winter. (when it’s raining and /or snowing when it’s freezing)


On our day off we decided to go look around to the places Thomas suggested us to see. Molinos del Duero, Duruelo de la Sierra,…


 playa Pita


Duruelo de la Sierra


Cañon del rio lobos Natural Park



La Fuentona de Muriel




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