Visiting Madinter


On friday 19/02 we visited ‘Madinter wood for music’, only  2,5 hours from our staying. In Spain of course. It’s a young company, only 15 years old with ambition. Stationed into ‘la Sierra de Madrid, Cerceda’

We’ve been welcomed very friendly by the workers and their employers. Cedric had the privilege to give us first a presentation with a slide show about Madinter. “What is their Vision, Misson and Value.”

They’re proud about ‘The Cameroon Project’ not only because they own the factory and gives them the absolute control* about the high-quality ebony, but also for the 80 inhabitants who work there for them. (* Their sustainable and responsible forest economy.)

After the slide show he showed us also the ‘Blackwood tek’ a fast New Zealand growing Pinus radiata who has large growth rings, which is essential for the subsequent impregnation and compression process to create black wood . We had the opportunity to inspect a few examples with and without linseed oil. It smell like mushroom and it’s hard, that’s for sure.

Then it was time to visit the factory by itself, … the boss guided us around.  Most time of the year he travels around the world. From Spain to Cameroon, to India or to Romania. He told us that some of his employees where visiting Cameroon because it is important that everyone in the company knows, and has a contact with each other. They’re one company.


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