¡Hola Spain!


The last two weeks of February we’ve (Sandra and Dániel)  had an internship by Thomas Holt. We arrived late in the evening  at Thomas workshop in ‘Espejo de Tera’, where we’ve being expected. He welcomed us very friendly and proposed to guided us to our sleeping place, because of the long journey we had made by car and it was late after all. Our sleeping place was in the next little village called ‘Chavaler’, a nice warm big place.






The first morning we’ve being picked up by Thomas, to have a coffee with a typical spanish breakfast in a local café at Garray. A moment to become acquainted with each other, and becoming acquainted with what was comming up the next days. Working efficient , to exchange knowledge, the visit to Madinter on friday, and of course about the leonardo project tests.

After we’ve been introduced to the siesta we started in the workshop.




Cut the frets with the pliers until the edge of the fretboard, file the fret flush till the edge of the fingerboard, first straight then in an angle. Fill the gaps under the frets with black shellac (gomalac). Then use a fine and very straight sandingblock made for the purpose in the same angle. Rounding the frets with a triangle file. Clean the fretboard and the frets with stealwool.




Thomas glues the bridge on the top before porefilling and uses paper and masking tape to protect the top. First clean the pores with a soft brush also in the bone. Seal the bone on the bridge with cellulose. After drying the porefilling can start.


Top and Neck


Draw the shape with the plantilla on top and cut it with the bandsaw. Then make a little mark with a saw in both extremes of the center line. These marks unlike  pencil marks will not disappear when working the thickness of the top.

Cut one millimeter slice from the neck with the bandsaw. Take the slice and break it careful by following the grain. This gives you the information about the grain in the wood. Draw the information on the wood. It’s usefull later to choose your neck or heel.


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